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Michael Jackson, LLMSW earned his Bachelors in Social Work from Alabama State University and went on to earn his graduate degree from the University of Alabama School of Social Work. His professional career as a social worker has spanned a little over a decade. During this time, he has successfully worked with diverse populations to include but not limited to, youth who are receiving treatment in foster care, children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, persons diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries, individuals receiving palliative care, youth adjudicated of various offenses as well as adults found Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity (NGRI). He’s had significant success working in residential treatment settings as well as with community-based organizations. His work experience has consistently demonstrated effectiveness when working with disenfranchised populations. His community outreach endeavors have highlighted nationwide issues to include stigma around mental health treatment, barriers to family development and social injustice. Michael believes that the most successful and meaning therapeutic relationships are established through mutual respect and understanding of challenges each patient has endured. He utilizes a strength-based perspective to empower clients to reach their goals and establish a satisfying quality of life.

Michael has a wealth of knowledge regarding the management and coordination of patient care with community organizations to include hospitals, outpatient clinics, nursing facilities, and child care organizations.   He has effectively collaborated with interdisciplinary teams from various organizations in the community. He believes the best approach for interaction is client-centered. He has experience utilizing solution focused treatment interventions to bring about a change process within families in distress. He has placed a huge emphasis on mentoring relationships as a means of engaging at-risk youth and fostering self-actualization. Michael believes social workers have a great opportunity to be the change that we need in society.

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